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.NET (dotGNU too) Microsoft is leaving Java in the dust, but the company still has room to grow in the developer arena, a key executive said. Speaking at the Microsoft FAM (Financial Analyst Meeting) on July 27 in Redmond, Wash., Bob Muglia, Microsoft's senior vice president of Server and Tools business, said Microsoft's .Net platform has outpaced Java, particularly the Java Enterprise Edition, over the past five years to become the development platform of choice for enterprise development.
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RE: What a laugh
by thompson4822 on Mon 31st Jul 2006 16:34 UTC in reply to "What a laugh"
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Next time, try to articulate a slightly better posting.

The only people using .Net were the losers who couldn't or wouldn't learn Java.

Ad hominem attacks like this just make you look silly. Plenty of us have used Java extensively and found it painful, lacking, or both. Does it take a 'loser' to search out better solutions?

The brainDrain is really bad in MS shops.

Of course. The latest word on the street is that MS shops are switching en masse to Java, right?


Check out job boards. Living in the area that I'm in there are about the same number of postings for .Net developers as there are for Java developers. And most of the advertisements for Java developers seem to come from shops where it is already established.

And the C#/VB.NET code written there is really awful.

Yes, every shop on the planet writing in these languages is creating really, really awful code. Thousand line methods, identifiers with single letters, gibberish comments written by some Lovecraftian monster from another dimension, etc, etc. I think you've really got your finger on the pulse of this one.

I've never seen such bad code on this scale. MS has really got a problem on their hands.

Next time, try a little more insightful analysis. Tracts of 'All C#/VB.Net code is bad' is simply not a mark of any kind of critical thinking, and will do nothing to influence your readers opinion.

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