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Internet & Networking This week, The Register ran a story on how the US supposedly had given up its 'control' over ICANN. ICANN, the body which assigns IP addresses and domain names worldwide, currently falls under the US Commerce Department via a contractual agreement; this means the US government can control ICANN. El Reg claimed the US had given up this control; Ars was quick to respond, stating that "the existing arrangement was likely to continue, at least for another year." Since the US had stated that it wanted to fully privatise ICANN by 2000, we'll have to wait and see what ICANN looks like in a year. In the meantime, do we really want the US to open up ICANN?
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RE[2]: compatibility
by arpan on Mon 31st Jul 2006 16:48 UTC in reply to "RE: compatibility"
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I am an Indian, and I know that it is unlikely that India is going to be having much of a say so in the running on the internet either way, so whether it is the US or the UN makes no difference to me. What I would not like is having compatibility problems, since most websites I access related to design, computers, web programming etc., are located outside India.

And a point related to different languages. I don't know how it is in other countries, but in India, we have over 20 major languages, each languages having a number of different font implementations, meaning that if I were to type some text in Telugu in one font from one company, and then wanted to use a font from another country, suddenly all the characters have changed. Basically, because there is no default standard, we have to deal with different font implementations. So which one will be considered correct in this case? And who decides what is correct?

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RE[3]: compatibility
by Budd on Mon 31st Jul 2006 17:12 in reply to "RE[2]: compatibility"
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...and this have anything/something to do with internet infrastructure and/or domain control ?

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