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Apple Apple has decided to do away with its discussion support team, a group of forum hosts that have monitored and moderated its user discussion boards, a new report has confirmed. At times, the boards also became a focal point of the online and mainstream media due to questionable moderation practices. To the dismay of customers, it wasn't uncommon for staff members to close or completely remove lengthy discussion threads that brought attention to problems with Apple products that the company had yet to officially recognize. But Apple's decision to do away with its moderation staff has only added to the complaints users have about the boards.
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Senoir poster to mod the forums for free?
by thingi on Tue 1st Aug 2006 11:39 UTC
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Getting rid of paid mod's seems like a stupid idea to me. Sure I don't like threads being deleted but I'd rather have someone form apple controlling the forums rather than an unpaid person (hell it's not as if Apple is skint).

Too many forums on the net have become a dumping ground for rudeness and ignorance. A prime example is the forums at iexbeta - they used to be good but then the fanboys took over - major abuse is given for not singing Vista's praises over there now - talk about people putting heads in sand.

I gotta say it....... I think I know the reason. Too many people (expecially young kids) have access to the web nowadays. I'm pretty sure most of the rude posters have not even heard the term netiquette.

I started using the web in Autum 1994 while at Uni (mosaic and later netscape) on HP-UX machines. Pine ruled the world for Newsgroups at that time. Academics were the main web / newgroup / irc users at that point. It's been downhill slide ever since :-(


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It'll only prove the state of the apple community. Only let's see if apple will hear them or only let a place for whiner.

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