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Linspire reviews the Freespire release candidate, and concludes: "In short, I found it to be a fine Windows replacement desktop for home users. Without better network support, however, I still must recommend Xandros for business users who want a Windows-like experience, and SLED 10 for Linux friendly or heavy-duty office users."
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Same of tired theme
by seakryan on Thu 3rd Aug 2006 03:29 UTC
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Does Linspire contribute?

Do they have good leadership at Freespire?

Something tells me that freespire is going to do just fine. It would be nice if people would do some research before attacking them. It just gets old and rather pathetic. RC1 is just a small step in the process. The real fun will be after the first official release. People should take the time to read the road map.

There will be releases happening on a frequent basis - I'm not sure what benefit there will be to reviewing each incremental step along the way. LOL Perhaps writers should hold off until freespire 1.0 is released.

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RE: Same of tired theme
by deanlinkous on Thu 3rd Aug 2006 03:44 in reply to "Same of tired theme"
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Yes, they do contribute. They contribute to there profits and only when it directly affects them. Essentially trying to buy solutions for themselves. They re-create instead of contributing to current projects. I also do not see any dollar amounts. A handful of those ARE linspire projects so they contribute to themselves? ;) They sponsor debconf along with about a hundred others!

Looks like they really bought the namebrand for that leadership board. ;)

per the roadmap - where is the free version?
per the roadmap - is apt working, I bet CNR is working just fine isn't it.

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