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Linspire "It was reported this week that Novell has banned all proprietary software from their Linux offerings. To me, this would be a bit like McDonalds announcing it will adopt an Atkins-only menu, selling only healthy, low-carb salads, and dropping fries, shakes, and the Big Mac as we know it. It might be a noble thing for McDonalds to only sell healthy items, but they would likely see a big decrease in customers. Most consumers want more balance in their menu choices, not less. Limiting choice, especially the most popular ones, is usually a bad idea."
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RE[4]: Rediculous
by Noremacam on Fri 4th Aug 2006 16:58 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Rediculous"
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If I required ADwarePlugin to view my site would you criticise me for requiring it or criticise your operating system for not providing it?

That's a very stupid analogy. Going by that idea, we should remove gif support from firefox because a lot of gifs are advertisements too. flash is used for far more things than advertisements.

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RE[5]: Rediculous
by deanlinkous on Fri 4th Aug 2006 19:52 in reply to "RE[4]: Rediculous"
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It wasn't an analogy dude. If I require something to view my website would you criticise me for requiring it or your operating system for not providing it?

GO ahead and criticise the operating system for something they cannot control. Criticise them for my (bad) actions and blame them for not being able to provide something I do not wish to give them. Sheesh! ;)

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RE[6]: Rediculous
by jongo on Sun 6th Aug 2006 02:21 in reply to "RE[5]: Rediculous"
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Actually they could "control it" by providing something like DirectX (a proper HAL, not like the crumby ones linux has now) which would separate the drivers from the OS - but they choose not to. If a distro company like Redhat/Novell wanted to make and push something like this they could, but I could see how it would put them in a bad light with the "GPL or nothing" supporters.

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