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SuSE, openSUSE "Finally. For years, the holy grail of the Linux desktop has been to get a major computer vendor to commit to preloading a Linux desktop. It finally happened. On August 4th, we found out that Lenovo Group, the company that has taken over IBM's Personal Computing Division, had made a deal with Novell to preload SLED 10 on its ThinkPad T60p mobile workstation. For the first time, a major OEM has committed to preloading a Linux desktop."
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"It doesn't matter much anyway because the ATI drivers for Linux suck, so I don't think you would be losing much if you used the open source driver instead."

Are you serious? While one can argue if ATI drivers for linux suck or not (and to what degree), saying that one would not be loosing much by using opensource driver is a -little- over the top.

It's fine for 2d, of course, but forget using anything remotely related to 3d. That is, at least, my experience with opensource radeon driver.

Actually, i've been quite happy with ati drivers. Of course they could be better, and I realize that there's a long way to go until they're on par with Windows drivers but on my hardware (9800pro) all 3d software that i'm using works. Without any stability or display corruption issues.

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