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GNU, GPL, Open Source Plenty of loud argument has ensued over whether binary-only drivers belong in an operating system based on open source philosophies. David Chisnall examines the reasoning on both sides.
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No, it isn't, even if the wrapper were LGPL'd it would, IIRC, be swallowed up and turned GPL when linked into the kernel at runtime, your GPL wrapper can't link to a non-GPL compatible module.

The nVidia wrapper is under GPL. The wrapper doesn't link to the binary driver, it loads it dinamically, so it's OK.

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Erm, I'm not so sure that this version of OK is compatible with the FSF version of OK.

Even if it's linked dynamically at runtime it's still linked, we're talking about the GPL here.

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Well, nvidia isn't going to sue itself for its own binary driver violating the license on its own GPL wrapper so its a moot point.

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