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Apple At the 2006 WWDC in San Fransisco, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced several new products during his opening keynote speech. Read more for a chronological summary of the keynote-- including the much-debated preview of Mac OS 10.5, Leopard, which, according to Steve Jobs, will ship this spring. Update: Apparantly, a similar feature to Time Machine already exists in Linux. It is called 'Dervish'.
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"Top secret features not being shown"
by tiiim on Mon 7th Aug 2006 19:29 UTC
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I wonder what these secrets are?

As a mac user who finally woken up to alternatives apple's new system didnt really grab grab me, it was nice. But i cant help some of it simple rescycled in a fuzzy wrapper from other systems. Im getting a new laptop next year and I have decided between vista or 10.5 and im not sure. I dont wont to go down the linux road again that doesnt really grab me anymore. Vista is very nice but i do find apple system very nice. However you can get a dell with more specs for cheaper these days so im not sure. If apple show of these secret features maybe it will help me decide. Im guess im fed up of falling for all the media hype everytime apple sneezes but im fed up with broken promises Vista. So who knows, good on apple but show up something better than just "good".

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That is why you buy an Apple, use Boot Camp and run both 10.5 and Vista, depending on what mood you are in that day.

- Kelson

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If you are looking for stability the choice should be easy. Unless you don't really know Windows operating systems.

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