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Mac OS X Mac OS Forge, a new community site hosted by Apple, is being created to support WebKit and other open source projects focused on Mac OS X, especially those looking to transition from New buildable kernel sources for Intel-based Macs are posted there as well, finally answering the complaints from the community. Other than this, Xcode 3 now includes Sun's Dtrace.
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whole kernel released?
by amilcarodonte on Tue 8th Aug 2006 06:55 UTC
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From the XNU-intel project: "Several changes were made in order to publish the kernel (xnu) sources. As a result, the kernel built from these sources differs from the one found in the 10.4.7 software update. In order to accommodate these changes, several kernel extensions were also modified and must be downloaded and installed in order to run a kernel built from these sources on Mac OS X 10.4.7 for Intel."

what does that mean? were some parts reserved from public release?

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RE: whole kernel released?
by Tuishimi on Tue 8th Aug 2006 06:57 in reply to "whole kernel released?"
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I would say "yes".

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RE[2]: whole kernel released?
by iskios on Tue 8th Aug 2006 12:41 in reply to "whole kernel released?"
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Like Solaris, Linux, etc. To release the kernel Apple has to make sure no proprietary licensed material is included. We don't want SCO coming after Apple now do we?

Many closed source OSes which have users clamoring for Open Sourcing, such as OS/2, face similar problems with the parent company facing the monumental task of stripping anything licensed from third parties out.

OS X's kernel is not GPL, so it may include as much closed source material as Apple deems necessary where Linux has to release kernels that are all GPL or possibly violate the GPL itself, which is why Novel made news recently when they decided to exclude non GPL modules in their releases.

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