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Linspire Three weeks ahead of schedule, version 1.0 of Freespire, the no-cost community version of Linspire, is now available from the project's website. You can download a completely open source version, or a version that includes various proprietary codecs and drivers for an improved out-the-box experience. Screenshots.
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by pepa on Tue 8th Aug 2006 18:53 UTC
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I'm a bit disappointed about their responsiveness to bug reports. I reported that I'll need the sky2 ethernet driver in order to conveniently install Freespire (module just needs to be built on any recent vanilla kernel), and it doesn't seem they have done anything about it (not in the release notes at least). I will try 1.0.13 (downloading now), but if it doesn't work, it won't work for me.

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RE: Disappointed
by deanlinkous on Tue 8th Aug 2006 19:26 in reply to "Disappointed"
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Well it only has a 2.6.14 kernel and I didn't think the sky2 driver was in that kernel so probably out of luck.

But I could swear I have seen another person report that they had a marvell yukon and I thought it used the same driver. But I have been wrong - too many times actually.

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RE[2]: Disappointed
by pepa on Tue 8th Aug 2006 21:24 in reply to "RE: Disappointed"
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OK, I read the 'old kernel' disclaimer, but couldn't easily find which kernel they were using. So I'll just wait for Freespire 1.1 then.

I also read a post about a person loading sk98lin and sky2 which "resolved the problem", but the sky2 wasn't there anyway, and loading any of the sk* didn't work for my model.

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