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General Development Borland Software's Developer Tools Group is moving back to the company's roots and relaunching its Turbo brand of products - offering the tools both for beginners and nonprogrammers, as well as for professionals. Borland officials said the company is bringing back its Turbo brand of tools as a set of low-cost, language-specific rapid application development tools for students, hobbyist developers, occupational developers and individual programming professionals.
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Good idea? Or not ideas at all?
by ebasconp on Tue 8th Aug 2006 21:03 UTC
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The only thing I can think about this topic it that Borland guys are unable to produce something new and revolutionary.

It sounds like the radio station that does not have more new songs and needs to replay all its repertory again.

A crappy marketing idea rather than engineering.

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Mitarai Member since:

I'd say they are finally listening, Delphi users have been crying for something like this for years, not wanting to buy a over $1500 dls IDE with features they don't need or use, with this sub 500 dls Turbo Edition users will raise again.

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Personally, if I was this group, I'd charge $299 for a copy of this; include 20 free technical support calls, setup a free forum where by engineers and customers can ineteract, and have a modular interface to allow the parent company and third parties to create ways to extend the IDE so that it supports more languages out of the box.

Many companies it seems are more worried about money, when, IIRC, there was quite a good comment made by a CEO, "Focus on the products, and the profits will follow" - make a good product that is reasonably priced, and you'll find people are more than happy to pay a few hundred for it; make like value for money.

The above seems like the obvious, but for too many CEO's, they seem to have lost touch with reality once they start getting paid $200,000+ incomes and failing to mingle with the 'little people' and the 'unwashed masses'.

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