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KDE "KDevelop is the premier Free integrated development environment. The project is currently working towards KDevelop 3.4 with a bunch of new features and a major new version KDevelop 4. To find out what's coming up in one of KDE's most important projects KDE Dot News spoke to three of the authors about their current work and future plans."
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by Inode on Tue 8th Aug 2006 23:21 UTC
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Just make it less bloated, will you please.

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RE: Useability
by DirtyHarry on Wed 9th Aug 2006 06:51 in reply to "Useability"
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Stop with the 'bloated' thing. What is actually bloated in KDevelop? Do you consider Visual Studio bloated? Do you consider Eclipse bloated?

In that case use Vim/Emacs.

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RE[2]: Useability
by BryanFeeney on Wed 9th Aug 2006 13:47 in reply to "RE: Useability"
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KDevelop starts up with 27 toolbar buttons and 24 tabs.

Netbeans starts up with 18 toolbar buttons (up to 25 if you enabled the profiling support) and six tabs.

Visual studio starts with more toolbar buttons, but a lot less tabs.

Ultimately, it's harder to find your way around KDevelop than it is around the other major IDEs, simply because it's laid out in a poorer manner. I used Delphi a lot at work: when I tried out KDevelop I was horrified at how complex it was. In particular the amount of tabs is awful, you can find yourself searching all over the place for simple things.

This is not bloat, incidentally (that refers to resource usage), but it is poor user-interface design. KDevelop is a great Unix IDE, the fact that it can setup all those autoconf/automake scripts for you is a huge bonus, but the UI does need attention. Fortunately, one of the developers on the do mentioned that they're doing just that.

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RE: Useability
by m_abs on Wed 9th Aug 2006 12:11 in reply to "Useability"
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By less bloat do you mean remove the features that I use on a daily basis at work, for which I'm getting paid for?

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