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Mac OS X Paul Thurrot, everybody's favourite Microsoft Apple Microsoft zealot, writes on his webpage: "It's funny. Apple calls Microsoft a copy-cat, and yet, I feel like I've seen some of these features somewhere before. Many of the features, however, are just sad. Is this really the best they had to show off right now?" El Reg agrees with him, saying: "On the basis of the evidence so far the sixth release of Mac OS X is, to put it bluntly, a point release." Update by ELQ: A related editorial by Wired.
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like cars like computers
by REM2000 on Wed 9th Aug 2006 09:01 UTC
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I agree with some other posters, this copying crap is starting to go overboard. Yes it was a little funny to have "start your photocopiers..blah" however i don't think Apple should keep bashing Microsoft this much, it's the main reason i don't like oracle.

What companies need to do is concentrate on their own products, and make sure they are being written well and are running well. Yes they need to see what the competition are doing, but they don't need to go into a PR stunt of bashing this and that.

Until the WWDC Apple and Microsoft seemed to be ok with each other, there is a jibe here and there but it all seemed very light hearted. However the WWDC just seemed plain ugly, really if i'd paid to go to that WWDC i would have been cheesed off at hearing and seeing so much about Vista, when really i came to the show to see apple software and hardware.

Ive been to lots of Microsoft events with my Apple Powerbook computer (i like note taking on it) both technet and MSDN and ive never had a bad glance or a nasty comment from either fellow attendees or Microsoft Staff, they have always been friendly. However after that tantrum up on stage from apple, i would feel quite embarrised to go to a Microsoft event.

So far it seems that Microsoft have come out better after this as they have not lowered themselves by replying to it, although i know that a few bloggers have said a couple of things.

As for the whole copying thing, so what. If there's a nice feature an OS sports then why not have it in my OS of choice. I do love virtual desktops in Linux, so having them in built in natively (i know some 3rd party stuff which can do it). I use windows aswell, i think it's a good product, i loved Win2k, didn't think much of XP, however i do like spotlight and if Microsoft have integrated it into Vista then excellent, good news for me (didn't like the desktop search things in XP)

The car industry does it all the same, but no-one writes millions of articals about em. Volvo brought us the seat belt, merc's gave us ABS, excellent my BMW has both, and so do every other modern car, these things saves lifes. I know that OS features don't save lifes, but they save time.

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RE: like cars like computers
by netpython on Wed 9th Aug 2006 09:20 in reply to "like cars like computers"
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What companies need to do is concentrate on their own products, and make sure they are being written well and are running well.

Maybe the biggest revolution sought after is that it runs,looks good and is delivered (on time).

The humour aside.
You cant say Apple makes a bad figure in this respect.

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