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Windows "Surprise surprise. Windows Vista speech recognition actually works. Contrary to what MSNBC criticize as a ‘wreck', the speech recognition technology is well developed and highly usable, says Long Zheng.
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RE[2]: I don't believe
by apoc on Wed 9th Aug 2006 12:24 UTC in reply to "I don't believe"
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lol, ActiveMan, if you don't believe try it for yourself, it's the best thing to do.

I had already tried Vista's Speech Recognition before that sad video, "dear aunt etc etc", so i know that there was a problem at the demo, if you watch it carefully you'll notice the volume is at the max, and the guy giving the commands didn't know how to use speech recognition, when a recognition error occurs the speech button turns orange and you have to wait for it to turn blue again, if you keep talking while it is orange you'll only get things worse because Speech Recog will think that you're still finishing the command when you're actually trying to correct re recognition error.

Try it for yourselves.

I also don't agree that the speech recognition is only for impaired people, it's much faster saying "start AppName" than typing the name of the app in the start menu, you don't even have to open it! Also, simple things like clicking buttons are much faster, imagine you're composing an email, you change your mind and just say "close that, don't save",

switch applications
open apps/common places(documents|pics|videos|computer|other start menu buttons)
start a search("start search")
shudown/hibernate/sleep/log off
menubar commands("tools options")

these are all tasks that i believe speech recognition will help to speed up.

btw, the new explorer is also pretty nice interms of usability, the new address bar, organization options, visual feedback of folder contents, preview pane with multimedia support, metadata below, integrated search,it's nice.

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