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Windows "Surprise surprise. Windows Vista speech recognition actually works. Contrary to what MSNBC criticize as a ‘wreck', the speech recognition technology is well developed and highly usable, says Long Zheng.
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Voice Recognition
by brother bloat on Wed 9th Aug 2006 12:36 UTC
brother bloat
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The problem with voice recognition, in my opinion/experience, is that, while it may be reliable at times, it's almost never reliable 100% of the time. To me, as a user, I'm used to communicating with other human beings, who can understand what I say even when I mumble, or when I'm standing in a crowded room with the music blaring.

When the computer fails to reach the level of reliability I'm used to with other humans, I find myself unable to rely on the computer for voice recognition at all as a tool. Instead, voice recognition becomes slower than simply clicking my mouse and typing on my keyboard -- i.e. what I've always done (and gotten used to) in order to interact with the computer.

Speaking to the computer is like wading through thick oatmeal; while it should be easy and effortless, I find myself becoming annoyed when simple tasks take just a little bit longer.

Until voice recognition reaches (or comes very close) to the level of human voice interactions (perhaps through image recognition via the more and more popular webcam for lip reading??), I'm staying away. To me, until then, voice recognition will be a neat gimmick or a toy, but it's not going to cut it for "real" work.

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