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Windows "Surprise surprise. Windows Vista speech recognition actually works. Contrary to what MSNBC criticize as a ‘wreck', the speech recognition technology is well developed and highly usable, says Long Zheng.
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speech recognition is a disaster
by ozonehole on Wed 9th Aug 2006 14:03 UTC
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I realize that it could be of use to the physically impaired, but for the vast majority speech recognition as it's currently used is a disaster. I absolutely dread calling Qwest (a US phone company) or my credit card company, or numerous airline companies, because I've got to wade through menus where a computer asks me questions that I'm supposed to answer. Only it misinterprets the answers half the time and directs my call to the wrong place. I irrationally find myself yelling at the computer.

I would say that, at least in America, the quality of life has deteriorated somewhat thanks to speech recognition, and it continually gets worse as more companies and government offices adopt this "labor saving technology". I wonder when the Diebold election rigging machines are going to start using speech recognition.

Remember the old days when actual humans answered the phones? I'm almost grateful for those call centers in India - just about the only chance you've got to reach a real person (though usually only after you've spent 10 minutes yelling at a computer).

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