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Windows "Apple has touted itself as the innovator in OS software; it has suggested that all the new additions in Windows Vista already exist in the most recent Mac OS X, Tiger. Microsoft might take issue with that, but there's no denying that it has struggled somewhat with Vista, which has had features cut and seen a series of delays. To find out what people on the street make of it, we asked our Vista Views panel, made up of ordinary readers, this question: Which feature in Leopard would you like to see in Vista?"
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RE[2]: wow... Just wow!
by Rayz on Thu 10th Aug 2006 07:57 UTC in reply to "RE: wow... Just wow!"
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Vista isn't a rewrite of the kernel. It's a rewrite of: Network stack, audio stack, and some more important components. It's more of a maintenence release in my eyes. Cleans up the mess they had with XP and adds some wanted features.

Just to make it clear, the kernel isn't new, but it's not the same as the one in XP either. I understand that they have used the new kernel from Server2003, and moved re-engineered most of the code to deal with security and driver crashes.
Maintenance release? Rubbish; but this does show where MS is going wrong with respect to marketing. Apple shows a lot of new eye candy and a few new apps, and folk believe they're seeing something new. MS completely revamps the underlying operating system, adds the Windows Presentation Foundation, rewrites the network stack, audio system, revamps the gaming engine, adds support for using USB drives as RAM, support for software gadgets running on supplementary hardware modules ... and folk see it as a maintenance release?

I guess the problem is, there are not enough people who can see things from a developer's perspective.

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