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PC-BSD OSWeekly reviews PC-BSD, and concludes: "From PC-BSD's roadmap to their default installation, I honestly feel good about where these guys are headed with their take on FreeBSD. This operating system has it all: support both from the professional level as well as that of the community, the ability to install Linux software, thanks to the binary compatibility layer, and of course - speed."
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No Gnome ...
by dindin on Thu 10th Aug 2006 14:21 UTC
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Well, I tried PC-BSD (from the 0.8 days) and just could not get used to KDE. Having to use a lot of GTK/Gnome applications, I ended up having to install much of the stuff from ports, PC-BSD did not make sense. There were rumors that there was a Gnome version coming (like Ubuntu and Kbuntu) but I guess not. The the PC-BSD stuff is tied to KDE I guess.

Anyways, I installed stock FreeBSD and used ports to install the stuff I need. Did not have all the other load on it. Just my comfort zone ;)

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