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Gentoo Techgage reviews Sabayon Linux, and conclcudes: "After taking an initial look at Sabayon, I have mixed feelings. Though, I feel more joy when using it than anything negative. One reason this distro may stand out above others is because it takes a difficult base distro, and opens its arms for new users who want to experiment. When it's all said and done, you will have a full functional Gentoo machine after the installation, topped off with a Sabayon coat of paint. What a great looking coat of paint it is."
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To choice haters
by Deathspawner on Fri 11th Aug 2006 15:19 UTC
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"put a pig in a dress, but linux is still a server OS."

Welcome to 2006, you will enjoy it here. I can do most anything on Linux that you can do in Windows. I assume you feel the same way about Mac OS X, because it also is quite limiting compared to XP.

"I mean just look at that menu, it covers the full screen. One of the reasons why the slab menu is much better."

As with any KDE installation, that's completely customizable.

"Seriously, how is Linux supposed to make progress among normal computer users with all these hundreds of distros available?"

Choice -is- a good thing. Some people may enjoy the benefits of Gentoo, but don't want to suffer with the advanced way of doing things. Sabayon for instance, takes care of a lot of the difficult parts and allows novice Linux users a full chance to play around.Imagine if there were only 10 cars or trucks on the market to choose from.

Yes there are a lot of distros out there to choose from, but it's unlikely that a 'noobie' will go after a smaller distro like Sabayon. Distros will borrow ideas from other distros, and that makes them better.

"There's something for everyone, from your Grandmother to the biggest kernel hacking geek in the world, and everything in between. That's the power of opensource, and Linux."

I agree completely.

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RE: To choice haters
by unoengborg on Sat 12th Aug 2006 00:40 in reply to "To choice haters"
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As with any KDE installation, that's completely customizable.

Customizability should never be taken as an excuse for bad defaults. There is nothing wrong in letting the user have lot to chose from, but the default settings should better be something that fits the average user (among targeted user group).

Using the K-menu as a repository for all available GUI apps will fit a very limited group of users, most users will have to remove half of the menu items to get what they actually need for every day work.

Or even better, make the default configuration fit the least experienced users in the intended user group. If you provide choises, the more experienced users will be able to make whatever changes they need as long as the choises are there to choose. The opposite doen't work, as less experienced users may not have the knowledge to turn things off, to make the system less complicated for them. If they could, they would be experienced users, with no need to do so.

In this respect, the new Novell menu works much better as it makes it easy to find whats in there, while still giving more exposure to the most commonly used applications.

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