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Gentoo Techgage reviews Sabayon Linux, and conclcudes: "After taking an initial look at Sabayon, I have mixed feelings. Though, I feel more joy when using it than anything negative. One reason this distro may stand out above others is because it takes a difficult base distro, and opens its arms for new users who want to experiment. When it's all said and done, you will have a full functional Gentoo machine after the installation, topped off with a Sabayon coat of paint. What a great looking coat of paint it is."
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I want to point out...
by lxnay on Fri 11th Aug 2006 15:28 UTC
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I want to point out that Sabayon Linux (formely known as RR4 and RR64 Linux) was one of the first Gentoo X LiveCD ever created. That's not something new, that's something started since 2004:

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