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Gentoo Techgage reviews Sabayon Linux, and conclcudes: "After taking an initial look at Sabayon, I have mixed feelings. Though, I feel more joy when using it than anything negative. One reason this distro may stand out above others is because it takes a difficult base distro, and opens its arms for new users who want to experiment. When it's all said and done, you will have a full functional Gentoo machine after the installation, topped off with a Sabayon coat of paint. What a great looking coat of paint it is."
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RE[2]: O give me a break
by BluenoseJake on Fri 11th Aug 2006 16:16 UTC in reply to "RE: O give me a break"
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Some distos have died, off, others have gotten better, in one way you're right, it's not like evolution, because all of the distros can swap code and components, making each one better, but in another way, it is, lots of distros have gone the way of the dinosaur, and others, have came to the forfront in the last few years. All this just adds up to more choices, and I like choice. I like the ability to pick a distro based on the person or organization I am installing it for, sometimes, it's Ubuntu, sometimes it's Fedora Core, even Windows.

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