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FreeBSD "The FreeBSD Release Engineering Team is pleased to announce the availability of FreeBSD 6.0-BETA2." A list of mirrors is available here.
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About ULE, no it's not nearly ready to be used for production. The fact that it doesn't crash your UP system with an avg load of 0.1 doesn't mean it works in real environments. Try it on a SMP system sometime.

Again, see my same comment above. It's fixed in -CURRENT and RELENG_6 for SMP system by davidxu.

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I don't think I'd call it "fixed".

It has been declared "fixed" countless times over the past 3 years, while somehow always remaining broken.

To be sure davidxu has recently fixed *a* bug in it, but what sort of QA has that gone through? At least 48 hours of stress testing on a 8-16 way system would be ideal, because that's the kind of Opteron systems that will soon be filling up the low-mid server market. Any links to mailing list discussions?

I'd rather wait for at least a couple of dot cycles with SCHED_ULE as default and no reported problems before using it on a mission critical system, however.

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