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.NET (dotGNU too) "Four short years ago, Microsoft unveiled its new framework/engine for programming and running applications in a virtual environment, and the world was stunned. Microsoft had introduced a run-time environment that was for the first time a true 'write once, run everywhere' implementation, but that was far from being the end. With .NET 3.0 on the loom, NeoSmart Technologies takes a look at how far .NET has come and just how long it can keep going."
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Is .NOT taking over the world ?
by flywheel on Fri 11th Aug 2006 21:37 UTC
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Yes - unfortunately - .NET 3.0 is the main platform for Vista - while Win32 (And I guess Win32H also) has gone into legacy mode and is being supported through the Connectix Virtual Engine.

When something is taking over the Windows platform, it is taking over the world.

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zambizzi Member since:

This is the MSDN crowd taking over the direction Windows goes at MS. I do *not* see this going over well. It's a strong-armed attempt at forcing those comfortable w/ Win32, MFC, etc. to use .NET instead.

.NET is just not mature enough for such a high place in Windows, IMO.

It's no wonder why the hardware requirements for Vista are so high-end.

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every major version of windows has had higher sysreq then the one it replaces. even Gnome and KDE requirements change over time.


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kaiwai Member since:

.NET is just not mature enough for such a high place in Windows, IMO.

Care to back up that statement with some facts.

If you've got a case against Microsoft, lets stick to the realms of reality, shall we?!

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