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.NET (dotGNU too) "Four short years ago, Microsoft unveiled its new framework/engine for programming and running applications in a virtual environment, and the world was stunned. Microsoft had introduced a run-time environment that was for the first time a true 'write once, run everywhere' implementation, but that was far from being the end. With .NET 3.0 on the loom, NeoSmart Technologies takes a look at how far .NET has come and just how long it can keep going."
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it doesn't mean it's good. Same goes for books:
before publishing it they say "we'll make this a best seller"

In addition I would not say a language is better but a language sucks less...
Hope you don't mind me bitching about languages.
I have mostly used C and C++ lately and I'm not an expert in any of these.
So I'm more or less new to programming (apps<1000LOC).

VB: nearly drove me away from programming

Delphi: nice on the first look but made me sick with its "I know better than you what you need to do"-attitude

C: It's a nice language but it could use polymorphism, operator overloading and OO
Is there any way except compiler tweaks to tell it how to arrange the data of a struct?

C++: Does 90% of what I need to do but the last 10% are often harder than in C (I know I can write C in C++ but with C I would have used an entirely different strategy)
I _desperately_ need operator overloading outside of classes.

PHP: Cannot understand why it is so successful. Find it actually harder than Perl...

Perl: Great for regexes, can become a mess though. Some sort of love hate relationship...

ruby: Just read a little bit about it and finding out that constants can be changed with only a warning made me want to puke ;) might consider it nevertheless.

python: Have not learnt it yet but find it very interesting. I think I might get a book about it.

LISP: I know, I'm a crazy noob to try myself on this but I just had to :-)
I think it can be quite powerful from what I saw but...
folks, there's a reason why most of us don't use prefix and it's called headache!

Java: Just looked at some code snippets and was scared how complicated simple things were. Not exactly a concise language?

C#: You say it's akin to Delphi and my head starts achin'. Lame joke, I know.
In which way is it similar to Delphi?
good IDE?
"I won't let you do something wrong"-attitude?
Never used it so I'm just plain curious.

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