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.NET (dotGNU too) "Four short years ago, Microsoft unveiled its new framework/engine for programming and running applications in a virtual environment, and the world was stunned. Microsoft had introduced a run-time environment that was for the first time a true 'write once, run everywhere' implementation, but that was far from being the end. With .NET 3.0 on the loom, NeoSmart Technologies takes a look at how far .NET has come and just how long it can keep going."
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RE[4]: Great article
by Gryzor on Sun 13th Aug 2006 19:25 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Great article"
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I got my tomcat up & running in 10 minutes... (it's "Apache Tomcat", a single product, btw)
Yeah, my fault, it's a single product. Sorry. I know that it's possible easy to get up and running, but it's still more complicated than IIS (IMO)

Don't be too blind to tell everybody it's a pain in the ass to set up a production environment with j2ee only because of single experiences.

Oh but I don't, I just think that it's more complicated than IIS; maybe the procedure has changed a little bit (last time I've seen that it was 2005).
OTOH, I remember FOSS projects involved for "everything" you wanted to do...

Anyways, I have nothing against Java, I only say that .NET in Windows is what makes possible a lot of developers to develop good things, faster and better looking than with Java and its tools.

And Visual Studio as bad as it may be (bugs) is very easy to set up... install -> next next next.. done.

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RE[5]: Great article
by Ford Prefect on Mon 14th Aug 2006 09:45 in reply to "RE[4]: Great article"
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Well, on my system, I had to do:

qpkg tomcat
/etc/rc.d/tomcat start

and it was up and running. To deploy sth, I had just to copy the .war file to

.. to get a little bit further than that, there are nice plugins for Eclipse, even a Tomcat Debugging one:

I think it's rather easy and I wonder how it can be significantly more easy ;) .

I wouldn't love to use IIS just because of his long term history of demonstrating how _not_ to implement a webserver (security-, stability-, performance- and standardswise (was not RFC-compatible - is it yet?) ... well IIS in history was just a joke, and that for years ;) . But this seems to have changed, I'm just still a little bit suspicious about it.

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