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OSNews, Generic OSes "[...] a new white paper by VMWare that comes to the surprising conclusion that hardware-assisted x86 virtualization oftentimes fails to outperform software-assisted virtualization. My reading of the paper says that this counterintuitive result is often due to the fact that hardware-assisted virtualization relies on expensive traps to catch privileged instructions while software-assisted virtualization uses inexpensive software substitutions." Read more at Slashdot.
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WTF -5 for what
by anand78 on Sun 13th Aug 2006 19:55 UTC
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Are you smoking CRACK you copycat editor. Take off this story you plagiarist.

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RE: WTF -5 for what
by mkools on Sun 13th Aug 2006 19:59 in reply to "WTF -5 for what"
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If you could read you would've noticed that this is a linked article.

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RE[2]: WTF -5 for what
by DittoBox on Sun 13th Aug 2006 20:29 in reply to "RE: WTF -5 for what"
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If you had read you'd notice this was a link to Slashdot, which linked directly to the whitepaper.

But you were too busy insulting me to do that.

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