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3D News, GL, DirectX "DirectX 10 is likely to see a number of point revisions during its lifespan and the first of these, imaginatively titled DirectX 10.1, will be the first of these. It may surprise some of you reading this, but the features which will be added by DirectX 10.1 have already been decided upon and information made available about them, so in this article we'll be taking a look through what we can expect to see in DirectX 10.1 compliant hardware."
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by cchance on Mon 14th Aug 2006 14:58 UTC
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Wow .. this is why i dont come to osnews anymore... from the first post and every post after it are always in some way a bash on microsoft give it a f*cking rest already...

and no DX10 and DX9 cards are NOT the same, if it wasnt for the dx standards we wouldnt have any consistency... we would have each model of card different than the other missing features that the card next to it have and never any consistence... theirs a reason that volumetric clouds are only truely being done with dx10 cards lately (not world orbs actual true skys)

the reason they didnt say "this card supports vertex and fragment shaders" is because thats difficult to track...

what if i have a game that needs both, but Card A does vertex but not fragment and the other does fragment but not vertex oh and the third card does both but its really slow at both, no they make standards, DX9 DX10 etc that have a standard featureset...

when other groups implement standard featuresets and append a name to it people are fine but because the graphics industry follows the DX naming convention its a front for jokes on osnews... give me a break!

As for buying a card for vista and having it obsoleted in a few months, that has nothing to do with this vista or directx it has to do with PC's in general... theres always something new and better on the horizion... the pc development isnt stagnant sorry... and sorry to say a point release on directx doesnt make the hardware from the previous point release obsolete.

Even Crysis will work on DirectX 9 cards, but there are certain features of dx10 cards that it can take advantage of to make the game even better looking ... but it by far doesnt mean that the dx9 card is obsolete.

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by rcsteiner on Tue 15th Aug 2006 17:38 in reply to "lol"
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and no DX10 and DX9 cards are NOT the same, if it wasnt for the dx standards we wouldnt have any consistency...

OpenGL? Or some other similar third-party standard?

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