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Mac OS X According to the guys at, some intrepid individuals have been able to get OS X running on generic hardware. There is a full explaination and some details on the site.
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RE[11]: Hyprocritical.
by _dev_null on Mon 8th Aug 2005 04:31 UTC in reply to "RE[10]: Hyprocritical."
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You can just ask Apple to add a [paypal] button on their website so "you guys" can contribute and enable them to make better products, or better, "organise" "yourselves" and guard the entrances of EVERY Apple store, and demand (BY FORCE) that everyone who enters the store should have an Apple hardware serial number. Even better, No more than two copies of OSX per hardware. If Apple releases OSX "Miao!" next year, to appropriately compensate them for the fine work they have done and enable them to continue developing fine products, you should buy new hardware.

What next? Only songs bought from Itunes music store can be played on the iPod. Only websites hosted on Apple Xserver can be visted by users of MacOSX -- that is because Apple owns the platform and their solution is a complete solution, and their dynamics are different from that of the PC Market(Whatever that means).

Now about EULAs, I didn't see anybody running naked 5 times outside. That is equivalent to stealing "karma" from Rayiner. You better compensate him for the work he put into that post.

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RE[12]: Hyprocritical.
by on Mon 8th Aug 2005 04:36 in reply to "RE[11]: Hyprocritical."
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No, none of that is next. Just alot of people going to bed and realizing that this issue isn't that import. Of course, there are zealots on all sides, including some that even think they are right. But, maybe if everyone tried to put themselves in the place of both an Apple exec and an end-user we might find that both are correct in their acctions... Whatever.

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