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OSNews, Generic OSes OneStat today reported that Microsoft's Windows dominates the operating system market with a global usage share of 96.97 percent. The Mac appears to be at around 2.47% and Linux at 0.36%. Please note that OneStat bases its numbers on a large number of internet site hits and extraction from user agents.
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So What!
by shotsman on Mon 14th Aug 2006 19:10 UTC
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At my shop there are 11 Computers.
1 Runs Server 2003
1 Runs XP
1 Runs Solaris 9
1 Runs Tru64 Unix or OpenVMS depending upon the job in hand.
The remaining SEVEN use Linux. Of these, One I use for browsing although, I do sometimes use the XP system.

The other SIX?
Well, the only time they go out to the internet is when I do periodic package updates. They have more important jobs to do.

Like some previous posters, There a many many systems working away thet would never come within range of the sampling done in this survey.

I make this report akin to someone standing by the side of a road and counting the makes of cars driving along. So what if after 10 mins, not one Merc has come by. Does this mean that 0% of cars on the road are Mercs? Nope. Especially if you are counting the cars outside the BMW Factory!

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RE: So What!
by tomcat on Mon 14th Aug 2006 19:30 in reply to "So What!"
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The value of any survey depends upon the sample size and methodology for choosing the samples. Two million users is a fairly large number of samples. No problem there. But it's not clear whether the samples were culled from site(s) that are frequented by a sufficiently diverse set of clients (ie. Windows, Mac, Linux, etc). For example, you're going to get very different results for a site that advocates the use of a particular OS (ie.,, than you will from a general-use site (ie.,, Regardless, it's an interesting anecdotal survey. I don't doubt the results. Much. But it would be useful to see more data on the methodology.

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