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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Windows Mobile 5.0 is an operating system for the mobile devices. It is based on Windows CE version 5.0 and is a 32-bit operating system. Just like any other operating system, it performs many services like process management, file management, memory management and also power management. In this article, OSWeekly explores the memory architecture of Windows Mobile 5.0.
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Windows Mobile 5.0... *shudders*
by PJBonoVox on Wed 16th Aug 2006 15:26 UTC
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I've got a mobile with this on-- Could we have an article explaining why this OS is so flaky, buggy and slow? ;)

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Eugenia Member since:

I have a phone running on this (at only 200 Mhz no less) and it's not slow at all. It is not particularly buggy either, except when I stumbled on this:
Other than that, it has given me no problems and I am very happy with it for many months now.

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I have it on my xv6700 and like it a lot. However, I have run into more than one 3rd party application that is just an utter mess.

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windows mobile?

who cares!!!!!

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it depends on your mobile device, MS hands the OS to the manufacturers wich later customize the OS and create the ROM to be released with V1 devices, in most cases they screw the OS with crappy 3rd party apps and configs and release them into the market without testing them, wich is nice because people will buy them anyway and happily change the mobile device 4 or 5 times until the OEM releases a stable ROM and the consumers get happpy.

During that time they act as free beta testers for HTC devices, and allowing HTC to profit as soon as the device exits the prototype stage, or sort of.

I hereby declare HTC guilty as charged. lol

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Jon Dough Member since:

I have a Dell Axim X51v with an early ROM (A04, I think), and it's not given me a bit of trouble. It does everything I need a handheld to do. However, I do realize that YMMV.

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