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X11, Window Managers Trolltech's Zack Rusin today introduced Glucose on Freedesktop Xorg mailing list. Glucose is a new "OpenGL based acceleration architecture" that "uses XGL code". It does not require any change on the drivers side, except a call to glucoseDriverInit.
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RE: next "glue"
by segedunum on Wed 16th Aug 2006 20:59 UTC in reply to "next "glue""
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why don't write new server and base it on Xgl?

The problem with XGL is that it is a new X server, and as Zack pointed out in his posting we already have an X server that works pretty well.

Given the state of hardware acceleration in Linux and the wide range of hardware, I've always thought that a solution would have to be sought based on the current X server. It looks as though with AIGLX and Glucose, people will be able to have their cake and eat it - if they want to.

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RE[2]: next "glue"
by mormon on Wed 16th Aug 2006 21:15 in reply to "RE: next "glue""
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OK, but current server performs not well. so maybe something should be changed, corrected. why can macosx perform so well, even without hardware acceleration (VESA driver)? i can't understand. i was shocked after macosx installation ;) .

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