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Mac OS X There are some new clues that Mac OS X Leopard will drop G3 support. Its ReadMe file does not mention it, its web pages do not mention it and Apple even made a deliberate change to their 64bit webpage to remove the G3 mention recently. My take: This was not unexpected. For each new version Apple required one more additional feature in order to work (in the past it has been USB, then firewire etc) and now it's G4+. I bet that the client version of OSX after Leopard would require a supported 3D QuartzExtreme-compliant graphics card in order to boot up.
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RE[4]: This Worries Me...
by REM2000 on Fri 18th Aug 2006 08:02 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: This Worries Me..."
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I have a PIII 886MhZ 512MB SDRAM Compaq Desktop computer and it runs Windows XP fine. It's not going to set the world on fire , but it runs MS Office XP fine and functions well on a windows network (AD).

Although i do doubt it would run the latest OS Vista (i know it hasn't been released yet), although i can't really say that until the OS has been released, i say Vista because XP is 5 years old.

As mentioned in an earlier post, panther users are still receiving updates, and i would expect Tiger users too aswell. I do agree however that it would be a good idea if Apple (if they don't already do so), publish the amount of time they will support/release security updates for previous versions such as Panther and Tiger.

I agree with another poster in that a lot of comments say that they are currently use Tiger on G3's but will switch to Linux if they can't run Leopard, as long as Apple keep up the security updates then just stick with Tiger, it will have the same functionality.

As for apple releasing G3's up until 3 years ago, i think everyone knows that apple had a big problem the PowerPC CPU in notebook computers, although now it looks like they are back on track.

As for the topic of G3's *Might* (ill wait for the official word) be dropped in the supported systems for Leopard, im not surprised. The same has happened to windows, although the main difference is that Microsoft Windows has a lower minimum spec.

Although it is worth noting that Vista which is supposed to be the equivalent to the release of Leopard has a minimum of 800Mhz Processor, which would mean the PIII series of processors.

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RE[5]: This Worries Me...
by Yoda on Fri 18th Aug 2006 09:24 in reply to "RE[4]: This Worries Me..."
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Pentium III 886 was released in 2000
Windows XP was released in 2001

I guess the comparison isn't valid with a 3y old notebook wich probably will not be supported by Leopard in 2007

The last G3 version (PowerPC 750FX) used by Apple was introduced in 2002 (5 years before Leopard release)
The first G3 version (PowerPC 740/750) was released in 1997 (used in iMacs)

BTW: performance/watt was allready relevant:

"The PPC 740 slightly outperformed Pentium IIs while consuming far less power"

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