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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu There is a general dissent growing at the popularity that Ubuntu enjoys among the Linux users. Considering that Ubuntu has maintained the number one slot at for a whole year now, the feeling is a bit expected. This article tries to explore what is it that makes Ubuntu so popular among its users and how other linux distributions can take a leaf from ubuntu to effectively leverage their position in the popularity chart.
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Fedora and openSUSE should really study the way Ubuntu has engaged the community, and adopt some of the things Ubuntu has done.

It is already happening in Fedora case, you read this link below

which is also posted on OSNews

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I don't me wrong, I like Fedora. I believe technically it is superior to Ubuntu. Fedora will never be on the same level as Ubuntu wrt community though. Fedora/RedHat just don't seem to be trusted by the community I suppose.

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the day that redhat becomes compatible with the debian repositories is the day that it becomes what ubuntu is. ubuntu is a polished subset of debian totally geared towards the desktop, which as its popularity shows, is EXACTLY what many have been waiting years for

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