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OSNews, Generic OSes GEOS managed to offer nearly all the functionality of the original Mac in a 1 MHz computer with 64 Kilobytes of RAM. It wasn't an OS written to run on a generic x86 chip on a moving hardware platform. It was written using immense knowledge of the hardware and the tricks one could use to maximise speed. Note: After a small break, here is another one of the articles for the Alternative OS contest.
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> Motorola 68000 were not truly 32 bit processors:
Truly? There is no such things as truly or not truly cpu ^_^
68000 has full 32bit ISA (7 years ahead of intel), who cares what was under the hood? !!!
Do you need 32bit address bus for a couple of megabytes of RAM? NO!!! It would be just a waste of transistors.
32bit ALU did not fit in their transistor budget, so 32bit data was processed in 2 chunks in 16bit alu.

Pentium4 also has 16 bit ALU, so why you didn't call it 16 bit cpu????

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