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OSNews, Generic OSes GEOS managed to offer nearly all the functionality of the original Mac in a 1 MHz computer with 64 Kilobytes of RAM. It wasn't an OS written to run on a generic x86 chip on a moving hardware platform. It was written using immense knowledge of the hardware and the tricks one could use to maximise speed. Note: After a small break, here is another one of the articles for the Alternative OS contest.
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RE[2]: Display system
by bogomipz on Fri 25th Aug 2006 11:19 UTC in reply to "RE: Display system"
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Thanks for elaborating, this sounds really interesting. The UI is data in Cocoa as well though. It sounds like GEOS and NeXT has alot in common here.

My comment on the "10 years before" business is strengthened by your reply. Mac OS X is a direct descendent of a system which had display postscript before GEOS picked up a similar idea. Apple reimplemented it as display PDF, but that was only done because the license fees involved with Postscript made the system too expensive for the home user market.

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