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SuSE, openSUSE Linux-Noob has reviewed SLED 10. "Novell's strengths are many, and I'm delighted to see the excellent work they have done in usability tests, and making the whole desktop feel like it's ready, ready to do business, and ready to serve its users. The development they've done with Beagle and in particular the 'computer menu' are fantastic and hopefully are just the start of better things to come."
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RE[3]: Great distro
by twenex on Fri 25th Aug 2006 15:58 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Great distro"
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I don't use SLED, but I use OpenSUSE Eval 10.0 on my laptop. Like you, I also run Gentoo. I have been running Linux (various distros) almost continuously since the late nineties.

I wanted SUSE to avoid hardware problems with my laptop - lots of stuff seems to work even in FreeBSD, but the internal wireless card is incompatible, and the wireless Cardbus card I bought has been a bitch in everything other than SUSE. I won't reiterate your glowing review of it, but I will second it.

As a Linux user experienced/brave/foolish enough to run Gentoo, despite what certain (particularly recent) comments of mine on this site might have led you to believe, I couldn't give a flying Firefox if someone makes a distro of Linux so similar to Windows that even dear old Microsoft couldn't tell the difference. I think the worry amongst us early adopters a few years ago was that doing this would divert attention (resources) from the features that made us love Linux in the first place; those fears have been, I think, misplaced. Different distros have different uses, and as such I probably won't be replacing my Gentoo machine with SUSE or the reverse any time soon. I think if SLED improves on openSUSE for "average users", using FOSS software, then everybody except the most rabid other-OS or GPL hater can shout a Big, Loud, Overdue, "Hoo-bloody-ray".

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RE[4]: Great distro
by twenex on Fri 25th Aug 2006 16:27 in reply to "RE[3]: Great distro"
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Update: It seems the author of "linux-noob" "runs Fedora Core 5", so perhaps it's more "Linux for Noobs" than "Linux by Noobs". Read the review and all I can say is a Big, Loud, Overdue, "Hoo-bloody-ray!" ;-)

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