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Legal When Mac sales dropped off in 1985, Bill Gates personally wrote John Sculley suggesting that he license the Macintosh design to companies like Apollo, DEC and Wang, and establish the software as the industry standard. Apple declined, and Microsoft published Windows. Sculley was enraged, and eventually filed suit. After five years, Apple lost, but not before severely damaging its relationship with Microsoft (which accounted for 2/3 of all Mac software sales).
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RE[4]: Fatal delusion
by javiercero1 on Sat 26th Aug 2006 17:38 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Fatal delusion"
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"I don't think it shows that anti competitive practices were what did it for MS. Certainly the IBM compatibility issue was very important and gave legitimacy to the PC"

Nice strawman,but if you look at the actual marketshare of the PC by the late 80s, it is well over 70%. Guess what? MS licensing for DOS was such that if you as a manufacturer wanted to sell DOS on any of your computers, every other PC that you sell as a company had to have a copy of DOS. They were strong arming OEMs first with DOS, and then showelling Windows down every body's throats. That is indeed quit the keen business model, it is however not an approach that deserves my respect.

You can put graphs that have nothing to do with the actual licensing of DOS all you want, next I recommend you also show how the average temperature for each of those years clearly proves that MS was doing nothing uncompetitive.

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RE[5]: Fatal delusion
by twenex on Sun 27th Aug 2006 01:20 in reply to "RE[4]: Fatal delusion"
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