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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y Apple is already gearing up for a major marketing campaign for the holidays, and if they're able to ramp up demand, and then deliver the system when they say it will be delivered, it could trump Microsoft in a way that Apple's CEO Steve Jobs would crow about for years.
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by sjette on Sun 27th Aug 2006 13:47 UTC
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This has turn, of course, into a "Why people love Windows (PC's) versus OSX (Macs).

I use both, and like the Mac better and I was a Windows (PC) user for 95% of my life. But this doesn't come down at this point to what anyone likes.

It comes down to Microsoft owning the majority of the market and it would be practicaly impossible for any competitors to put a large dent into their market share.

For the majority of the large businesses, it would take such an monumental effort to change all that. I know that some of you would say that you can now run Windows on a Mac in various ways, and I appreciate that, but to make this kind of change inside a large organization would be quite an undertaking (not impossible but not easy)

I believe the only visible dent, would be at the home user level, but it would still be a very small dent.

Sadly enough, even there was the "perfect hardware" and "OS" out there, to put a dent into Microsoft's market would take years.

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RE: Simply
by twenex on Sun 27th Aug 2006 18:16 in reply to "Simply"
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Does anyone actually *love* Windows? In my experience most of the people using Windows hate the fact that they have to use computers at all.

I'd like to think I could blame it all on Windows, but it ain't necessarily so.

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RE[2]: Simply
by sjette on Sun 27th Aug 2006 19:01 in reply to "RE: Simply"
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A lot of people (Non technical) hate using computers because they feel it is not intuitive enough.

You are correct in saying that you can't blame it all on Windows, but because most pc's have Windows install on them, non-technical users sees them as one (PC = Windows).

When I say "non-technical", i mean the very basic users, the same that own a VCR that is still flashing "12:00:00pm"

interesting subject.

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RE[2]: Simply
by Alleister on Sun 27th Aug 2006 22:03 in reply to "RE: Simply"
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Yes, i do. I don't like OS X at all, though that might be due to the fact that i don't actually own a Mac but only have to use it from time to time on somebody others Hardware. I'm curious about it from a programmers point of view, but i don't fancy getting something like an iMac and the only Macs that come in Towers are total overkill. Maybe i get an iBook someday but right now my Laptop is to actual to replace it.

I like Linux a lot and it even replaced Windows completly on all my pure work boxes, but that is due to the fact that i don't even think again of trying getting DVD playback or Hardware accelerated 3D to work which only results in extreme amounts of stress.

Most of my programming tasks and sparetime-use i use Windows XP and i'm extremely satisfied with it. It runs extremely stable for me (the only crashes i saw was when my Harddisk went bye bye) and getting everything to work is a piece of cake. Plus, i never catched a virus since i don't use pirated software (which seems to be virus source #1), don't use iexplore and keep my system actual.

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