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Linux "How many distributions does the Linux world need? And what exactly is a distribution, as opposed to just an edition of another distribution? Why is it that there are so many developers who feel inclined to start their own project instead of joining another, more established one?"
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by Excel Hearts Choi on Mon 28th Aug 2006 18:38 UTC
Excel Hearts Choi
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I know that most people feel that freedom of choice is a good thing, even if it leads to so many distributions. However, not all are even worth effort. For example, I am a student of Boston University, and when I found out they create their own GNU/Linux distribution, I felt compeled to try it out. The idea is a good one, create a distribution that is preconfigured for the on-campus network or off-campus computers. It is based on FC4, and this new distribution makes sense so that students have little to no work in getting their computers up and running. However, I did experience some problems. For starters, my iPod does not work out of the box. College students are some of the most inclined people to buy/use iPods. Therefore, a distribution geared for college students should have this out of the box. The scroll portion of my touchpad did not work either. Recent data shows that laptops are outselling desktops, and college students would (in my opinion) would be more interested in a laptop than a desktop. I encourage people to create a custom distribution for a specific workplace or purpose, but make sure that it is really different. For me, BU Linux is no different than Blag or any other FC variant.

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by r_gl on Tue 29th Aug 2006 10:53 in reply to "Freedom"
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i don't think a new distribution is the right thing for universities. it's not their primary goal to create such a complex piece of software.
i'm a student too and i think it was a better idea to provide some good scripts configuring the pc as you have to... like wireless startups and so on.

an uptodate distribution is a hell of work for an university. and gnu is able to be configured to hell.

some userstory for your pleasure:
one guy was struggling with his w32 system to get wlan working, me myself was working on my notebock (no problems). when the guy asked me about how to get this running... i've told him just startup this script.

he didn't know anything about scripts and this funny os. i gave him an ubuntu live cd, per usb we copied the scripts and ... wow! it works. (yes i'm happy about his wlan card too... no wrapper needed ;) )

bit off topic sorry.

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