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NetBSD Charles Hannum, co-founder of NetBSD posted to 3 major BSD lists saying that "The NetBSD Project has stagnated to the point of irrelevance. It has gotten to the point that being associated with the project is often more of a liability than an asset. I will attempt to explain how this happened, what the current state of affairs is, and what needs to be done to attempt to fix the situation."
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NEtBSD Users
by sbergman27 on Thu 31st Aug 2006 04:41 UTC
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I've been thinking about obnoxious OS fans. Pretty much every OS, Distro, whatever, has them. You know who I mean. Those irritating fans who think that their OS is so wonderful that everyone should be using it, and if they aren't, well, they're just stupid.

I should hasten to add that they do not represent the majority of users. But they are there and they are annoying.

My own favored OS, Linux, has more than its fair share. Haiku has a few. ReactOS, too. OpenBSD? Theo is more than enough. FreeBSD users can sometimes be a bit arrogant, too.

But I don't think I can recall a time that I have been offended by a NetBSD fan. It's not for lack of users. I know NetBSD has a user base.

It occurs to me that NetBSD users seem to be very good netizens.

Kudos. It's unfortunate that being focused on problem solving and being respectful of others doesn't get you noticed very often, though.

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RE: NEtBSD Users
by Janizary on Thu 31st Aug 2006 04:46 in reply to "NEtBSD Users"
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Then you've never seen a NetBSD fan in the same room, irc channel or on the same bbs as an OpenBSD one. You'll see claws there, despite the fact that both Theo and the developers of NetBSD have moved on, and been quite fine with eachother for years, the fanbases themselves are markedly anti-theotherside. When a NetBSD user talks security, an OpenBSD fan points out they're better, when an OpenBSD fan talks portability, the NetBSD fan points out they're on more, when one says stability, the other claims to be better, when really they're pretty close to the same.

There is bad blood when you see the two in the same room, kinda like the Ubuntu/Debian nastiness you sometimes get to see.

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RE[2]: NEtBSD Users
by sbergman27 on Thu 31st Aug 2006 04:49 in reply to "RE: NEtBSD Users"
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Yeah, I figured when I posted that someone would be standing close by to burst my bubble. :-0

Edit: I would be quite curious as to the reasons that whoever modded this post down did it. Is it offensive to someone? I'm not upset. Just curious as to why anyone would bother to do it. Seems like there might be something to be learned here.

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