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Linspire Starting today, Linspire does not only offer a free OS, but also its CNR Basic service. " Linspire, Inc., developer of the commercial desktop Linux operating system of the same name and Freespire, the free community desktop Linux operating system, announced the immediate change in pricing for its popular CNR Service from an annual subscription fee based offering to a completely free service." CEO Carmony said: "We're thrilled to now be in a position to offer this excellent service to desktop Linux users absolutely free. CNR really makes using desktop Linux easy, and we want everyone to have access to this quality service."
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Eh, no.
by Moochman on Thu 31st Aug 2006 09:46 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Pfff...."
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No, CNR is based on apt-get, so it's actually NOT it's own package manager, it's a front-end, like Synaptic. Again, neither Synaptic nor CNR is its own package manager, they're both based on APT. However, CNR makes the selection of packages much more user friendly by fully describing software, including screenshots, and recommending it--a bit like what you find for Windows software on, but integrated into the OS. That makes it a lot easier for newbie Linux users than any other Linux software-distribution solutions (save Xandros' still non-free solution or the downloading of Autopackages from a project's website).

You can stop twitching now.

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RE: Eh, no.
by deanlinkous on Thu 31st Aug 2006 14:43 in reply to "Eh, no."
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No the reason linspire does not want to call it a 'package manager' is because it would be too linux like. They have to call it a 'softare delivery service' so they can be different and better than all those just offering a 'package manager'. That is how they can say it is better than any package manager out there is because it is a software delivery service.

Too funny....

Flock is based on firefox is based on mozilla - does that mean that the only browser is mozilla?

Knoppix is based on debian - does that mean knoppix isn't a distro?

I agree it is a truly a front end. So are a lot of things and we still call them package managers. That is the purpose of that front end of that GUI is to assist you in managing packages.

What are a lot of media players in linux - frontends for gstreamer plugins and various libraries and so forth.

I wasn't the one twitching but I am now.

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