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Windows Two editorials on Vista, from eWeek and Microsoft Watch. The former: "The looming choice for Windows users is either to stick with Windows XP (and older hardware) or take Windows Vista cold turkey. But Microsoft doesn't have to be so tough - Apple did it differently with the Mac OS X rollout." The latter: "How will Microsoft - and its business customers - cost-justify upgrading to Vista in the coming months/years? With Windows Vista, Microsoft needs to please at least two constituencies with very different sets of requirements."
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Just a reminder
by fretinator on Fri 1st Sep 2006 00:52 UTC
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In general, except for a few geeks, people don't upgade to newer versions of Windows. They just eventually get new computers with a new version of Windows pre-loaded. There is no cost justification cycle going on for Vista. When it's time for a new cycle of hardware purchases (or Christmas comes for home users!), new versions of Windows will be deployed. Don't forget this cycle.

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RE: Just a reminder
by TaterSalad on Fri 1st Sep 2006 01:09 in reply to "Just a reminder"
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That is true for home users. Businesses have bigger concerns. They need to test for compatibility with applications, test security, plan a phase out of the old operating system and phase in for the new operating system, and weigh the cost benefits to see if its worth the upgrade.

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RE[2]: Just a reminder
by twenex on Fri 1st Sep 2006 01:19 in reply to "RE: Just a reminder"
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Even then, I can see a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth coming from home users too, if Unreal Tournament 2006 Ricers' Edition doesn't work on their shiny new Vista box.

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RE[2]: Just a reminder
by fretinator on Fri 1st Sep 2006 01:20 in reply to "RE: Just a reminder"
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I have been a software developer for years. I have worked at large and small companies. I have never worked for a company that went out and upgraded all their existing computers to a newer version of Windows. I'm not saying there aren't some, but I think it is more normal to buy a few newer computers with Vista. Gradually the number of Vista computers grows, and then that is all they buy. I would recommend NO ONE go out and wholesale replace all you computers with Vista (personally, I prefer Ubuntu!). Rather, give one of those geeky accounting executives a Vista laptop. Some of the network admins will get one. Eventually, after some of the problems are worked out, order all you new computers with Vista.

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RE: Just a reminder
by flanque on Fri 1st Sep 2006 02:30 in reply to "Just a reminder"
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For home users I would generally agree. It'll be interesting to see if any software vendors, specifically gaming ones, force the hand of users by only supporting DX10 on Vista.

As far as corporates go, it'll be years before they upgrade. Testing, testing, testing, wait and see, wait and see, wait and see..

Many organisations actually lease their hardware with regular refresh cycles and close negociations with hardware vendors like HP for instance. I don't see the hardware being an issue for corporate environments.

I don't see many, other than the elites and tech boffins, whining about hardware requirements just to get a headline in a "review". I'd be somewhat surpised or more accurately, curious, as to why regular home users upgrade, "just because".

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