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Multimedia, AV Rockbox is a replacement firmware for various audio players, that opens up new features and fixes devices shortcomings. We don't think of these devices as personal computers, but they are; and Rockbox is an alternative operating system. This review focuses on Rockbox as a replacement "OS" for the iRiver player.
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For those who have used it ...
by WorknMan on Fri 1st Sep 2006 16:12 UTC
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I skimmed through the article, and noticed that they have added iPod support since the last time I looked at it. Does mean that I'd be able to use the iPod as a UMS device? If this is the case, and since Rockbox has bookmarks (for audiobooks), that would make the iPod much more attractive to me ;)

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yes, that is the number 1 reason i use it on my Nano.

The main complain i have so far, is that they change the way the clickwheel works.

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