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Linux It's that time of the year again. "If 'a year of GNU/Linux on the desktop' is defined as a year when GNU/Linux has finally started its steady encroachment to the desktop then 2006 is the year. A lot of users have started using GNU/Linux on their desktops long before, but it is 2006 which marked the two probably biggest GNU/Linux desktop releases to date, Ubuntu Dapper and Novell SuSE 10. It is 2006 which marks the biggest opportunity for GNU/Linux to steal the desktop market share from Windows due to the bad reputation behind the pending Windows Vista release. And the eyes and focus of both the GNU/Linux community and major GNU/Linux corporations such as Novell are fixed on that opportunity. Novell marketing is true: 'Your Linux is ready'."
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RE: Hey
by orfanum on Fri 1st Sep 2006 16:40 UTC in reply to "Hey"
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Given recent replies about noobs, beginners, and so forth in other threads, and what at best a damn bother they are, I would ask you to reflect on the idea that Linux on the desktop will only happen when said zealots have the same attitude to new computer users that folk who know, use, push and write about, *for example* Microsoft have - non-tech ways of communicating that are clear, supportive, instructive, and help folk get things done. Check out my posts, I have also recognized that Windows, for example, can be a pain, but at least I can now put stuff together for folk, and troubleshoot for them and myself, because the information is available, clearly communicated and posited on known and relatively predictable platform parameters.

Meanwhile, latest Kubuntu grief at finding Ark is still mangled in KDE while trying to do an offline install of nvidia drivers using a .deb package...Good grief, Charlie Brown!!

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RE[2]: Hey
by Moulinneuf on Sat 2nd Sep 2006 00:57 in reply to "RE: Hey"
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You do realise that its a news website ( OsNews ) , its not a support or help website for any OS.

You seem very familliar with insulting , name calling and I will dare suggest lying about the platform and its users and developpers.

Its strange that with such a good attitude and with suck knowledge of the platform your having problem with it , and dont get anyone to help you in a good manner , I was being cynical here.

" Kubuntu grief at finding Ark "

Its two different distribution , its like asking Honda to find GM or Fords ...

"is still mangled in KDE "

How would you know ? Your machine is not properly setup , probably on troublesome hardware , by YOU ...

"do an offline install of nvidia drivers using a .deb package"

Go on-line ... your even sure you know how to install software offline ?

"Good grief, Charlie Brown!! "

Hey ! leave comic book hero out of your own self inflicted stupidity.

Your not interested in fixing the problem , or learning how to make it work properly. There is no miracle here.
Your certainly discussing it in the wrong place and not looking at the right people for an answer.

You know how to do it in Windows and Mac OS X , thats good there its not going to help you one iota in GNU/Linux.

Try this :

And this :

but in your case I think you would be better sreved by This :

You need a book ? :

etc ...

to search on the web :

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RE[3]: Hey
by orfanum on Sun 3rd Sep 2006 13:00 in reply to "RE[2]: Hey"
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Actually, I was making reference to the compression utility, not the Linux distro, i.e:

second, I was following the exact instructions at:

on a clean install of Kubuntu 6.06

I know this is not a user forum - I was merely using a concrete illustration, albeit in some frustration, to show that using Linux, including the distributon which is frequently touted as the most user-friendly, isn't always up to expectations as a desktop experience.

I hope that unpacks the scenario for you a little

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