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General Development "Twilight is an imperative, object oriented, general purpose programming language. The guiding principles of Twilight are simplicity, practicality, and orthogonality. It is a language which is easy to learn and to be productive in. An experienced programmer in Python, Java, C# or C++ will be able to pick up Twilight in a short period of time."
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It sounds like D
by jgfenix on Sat 2nd Sep 2006 03:51 UTC
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I think D is more interesting with things like design by contract and templates.
Like Someone said before people should look at other languages instead of inventing another object oriented C-like language.

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RE: It sounds like D
by Craig_Welch2 on Sat 2nd Sep 2006 04:07 in reply to "It sounds like D"
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There are similarities, but on the whole it is very different from D. It includes dynamic typing, ala Perl, Python, Ruby, which is quite unlike comprehensive static typing and design by contract...

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