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Linux It's that time of the year again. "If 'a year of GNU/Linux on the desktop' is defined as a year when GNU/Linux has finally started its steady encroachment to the desktop then 2006 is the year. A lot of users have started using GNU/Linux on their desktops long before, but it is 2006 which marked the two probably biggest GNU/Linux desktop releases to date, Ubuntu Dapper and Novell SuSE 10. It is 2006 which marks the biggest opportunity for GNU/Linux to steal the desktop market share from Windows due to the bad reputation behind the pending Windows Vista release. And the eyes and focus of both the GNU/Linux community and major GNU/Linux corporations such as Novell are fixed on that opportunity. Novell marketing is true: 'Your Linux is ready'."
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RE[5]: Oh God.....
by Omega Penguin on Sat 2nd Sep 2006 05:11 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Oh God....."
Omega Penguin
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What source says that Linux desktop share is 29%?

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RE[6]: Oh God.....
by Moulinneuf on Sat 2nd Sep 2006 08:09 in reply to "RE[5]: Oh God....."
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If I remember right it was something like :

Windows all desktop 54%
GNU/Linux * : 29%
Apple : 8%+ ( close to 9% )
All BSD : 1%+ ( close to 2% )
others : 8%+

* GNU/Linux is not yet a direct threat to our income.

18% of the 29% is non paying users.
22% of the 29% is seen as dual booting
20% of the 22% dual booting use illegal copies of windows.

- Windows XP Starter Edition is seen as a commercial failure and is not blocking the growth of GNU/Linux at all. those with illegal copy dont switch to it either , mostly due to it lacking features and alowing a limited number of programs running. they advise revision of feature for Windows Vista Starter in order to be a better challenging offer.

- Windows XP Tablet PC Edition due to the poor tablet PC demand is not allowing to gain sufficient market share against GNU/Linux who as had technical problem in that area , new tablet technology on the GNU/Linux platform are also meeting and in some case surpassing Windows XP tablet in some area , the recommandation was made to discontinue it as a stand alone product and merge it with the Media center platform.


From me :

Microsoft is facing real problem in South America where the governments there are kicking it out because its from the US.

BRACK ( Brazil , Russia , Africa , Columbia , Korea )

Are really exploding in GNU/Linux converting.

Cuba as seen an increase in its online Computer population due to GNU/Linux.

China is Dual booting ( pirate ) but increasingly only booting GNU/Linux in governements.

India as one or two province who are anti GNU/Linux switch but the rest are dul booting and switching.

Microsoft is not able to deliver in some country as those country are on the blacklist of the US of A. Guess who is there.

There are language that Microsoft does not support but are locally supported by GNU/Linux. Microsoft made 20+ new conversion to try and fill the gap.

Vista not coming out is also making a lot of hardware maker nervous , Dell more then others.

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RE[7]: Oh God.....
by HanZo on Sat 2nd Sep 2006 08:35 in reply to "RE[6]: Oh God....."
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if 22% out of 29% is dual booting that leaves 7% of pure linux users... why is the large majority of users dual booting? could be interesting to see if it is the same now that the mac offers the same possibility (like with Boot Camp).
I imagine that seen on a worlwide scale the percentage could indeed be more than the usual 2-3% that is attributed to linux... but still 29% sounds strange...
where do you get this numbers from, if I may ask?

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RE[7]: Oh God.....
by MollyC on Sat 2nd Sep 2006 10:35 in reply to "RE[6]: Oh God....."
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"Windows all desktop 54%
GNU/Linux * : 29%
Apple : 8%+ ( close to 9% )
All BSD : 1%+ ( close to 2% )
others : 8%+ "

Wait, I thought Windows was a "monopoly"? How can that be if it has only 54% user share?

You cite no sources for your "statistics", but check these out:

They all have Linux at ~0.5%, Mac at ~4%. These are real statistics, rather than your numbers from Fantasy Island.

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RE[7]: Oh God.....
by BluenoseJake on Sat 2nd Sep 2006 16:05 in reply to "RE[6]: Oh God....."
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I don't want to see "If I remember right it was something like " I want to see real links to this data. As far as I am concerned, you are full of BS. Linux usage may be higher outside of North America, but I doubt it is at 29%, 12-15% maybe. And I honestly state that is conjecture, not fact.

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