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Amiga & AROS The Amiga changed the computer industry. It was based on a multitasking operating system, rivaled the graphics power of some workstations and was affordable enough for home users. Unfortunately, Commodore struggled to maintain Amiga's lead, and through a number of bizarre business decisions (refusing to license the Amiga design to Sun), went bankrupt. Read about the history of the Commodore Amiga at Low End Mac.
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RE[2]: I miss my Amiga 1200
by jjmckay on Sun 3rd Sep 2006 04:35 UTC in reply to "RE: I miss my Amiga 1200"
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"Hold on to that A1200. It may be that a new PowerPC accelerator in development will plug into the trapdoor slot on the bottom to add AmigaOS 4 capabilities to your classic Amiga."

Okay in my book the A1200 isn't really a classic Amiga. The classics were the A1000, A500 and A2000. Okay it's all ancient computer history now anyway. ;) By the time the A1200s came out, I had already written the Amigas off as a dying race. I bought a 486/33 with 4MB of ram which was a whole lot more horsepower than my A500 had, yet in many ways it was an inferior machine, except for both hardware software support. Those two being critical for what I wanted - a computer to play games, call bulletin boards, listen to music (MODs), learn hardware, etc etc..

People who never used Amigas before PCs really missed out. Well, with WinNT/2K/XP,Linux,BSDs, etc PCs now have better OS's than AmigaDOS 1.3 was, certainly. I booted WinUAE recently into 1.2/1.3 and ghads... it was ugly! but for the time it was bleeding edge stuff.

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RE[3]: I miss my Amiga 1200
by twenex on Sun 3rd Sep 2006 14:32 in reply to "RE[2]: I miss my Amiga 1200"
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As much as I love Linux, it's not nearly as much fun to use as AmigaOS, and not only because there are next to no native games. A lot of things that Linux creates umpteen solutions to please a dozen different types of user for, Commode (or to be more accurate, Amiga Inc. and Metacomco) just got Right First Time.

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