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Window Managers After a year from last 1.0.4 version, new one brings a lot of changes, new features and bugfixes. Details about changes and download links can be found here.
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missing the point
by buff on Sun 3rd Sep 2006 16:14 UTC
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You have to consider that EDE is light weight and the main architecture is in place now but it lacks themes so it looks dull. Soon once themes are added and it is polished up it will probably resemble XFCE4. It is always good to have another lightweight DE around especially if your hardware is old and Gnome taxes it too much.

Compare this direction in linux to Windows Vista where people using older harware are left in the dust due to graphics and memory requirments and would have to upgrade. Linux efforts like EDE keep those users with older hardware happy while enjoying new kernel releases and updates to GTK applications such as Gaim.

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