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BeOS & Derivatives Time is up for the Haiku Icon Contest submissions, and it is now everybody's chance to make their voice heard. Please vote for the theme that is more usable, clean, recognizable and less tiring.
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RE[3]: Me Likes
by Jack Burton on Mon 4th Sep 2006 06:53 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Me Likes"
Jack Burton
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"take icons that look best from all the different sets (ie: they look at all the folder icons, compare them, and decide which is best & select it, then do the same for hard disk icons, cdrom icons, etc). This I think is the best way to do it (users should have been able to vote for the best folder, hard disk, cdrom, ..., icons on an individual basis). Then combine the individual icon winners to come up with the final Haiku set. "

... which would result in a Frankenstein-ish icon set, because the icons wouldn't fit together.

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RE[4]: Me Likes
by Nutela on Mon 4th Sep 2006 13:11 in reply to "RE[3]: Me Likes"
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Exactly, styles wouldn't match at all.

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