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Windows "Can't wait to upgrade your Windows XP machines to Vista? eWEEK Labs tests show that a clean install is the faster, less-problematic, option. While our upgrade experience was fairly good, we recommend that administrators opt instead for a clean install, teamed perhaps with Vista's Windows Easy Transfer utility for carrying over files and settings from the previous install."
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No surprise there
by ElectricDevil on Mon 4th Sep 2006 21:08 UTC
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As with all upgrades. You always come out with a better result if you start with a clean sheet.

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RE: No surprise there
by raver31 on Mon 4th Sep 2006 21:21 in reply to "No surprise there"
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agreed.... regardless of OS

and dont give me....

apt-get dist-upgrade

clean install always better

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RE[2]: No surprise there
by twenex on Mon 4th Sep 2006 22:07 in reply to "RE: No surprise there"
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I wouldn't say "always". A clean install of all Gentoos from 2004.0 to 2006.1 would be a royal PITA.

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RE[3]: No surprise there
by cyclops on Mon 4th Sep 2006 23:12 in reply to "RE: No surprise there"
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You brought in the difference between windows and linux when upgrading.

Linux is anal about separating *DATA* from *APPS* to the upgrade path is easier. I'm yet to see a guide that doesn't separate the two.

Windows due to the registry because the registry has its own cruft problems, a fresh install was always a good idea.

Windows also is reliant on installers some of which leave directories with files in etc.

Windows because of spyware/adware etc for some reason leaves those things lying around for some reason, running in the background.

Because all the sources come from the same source. *I* on my linux simply run a little program to identify cruft on my computer. Their are even similar programs on windows that monitor the installs, try and identify other cruft, but clearly thats a different matter.

In this instance its not booting, in linux you are allowed several copies of the various updates, you do not have to roll-up and roll-back. In fact the closest argument to comparing linux to windows is deciding whether to use "make oldconfig"

Windows is moving towards the Linux way trying to put all software updates from various 2rd party companies though a common portal.

I'm a little concerned that you make the statement "clean install install is always better" which as much as it used to be true back in the days when you got software in boxes, the modern world software requires e-mail conformation, activation, which is *painful*

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RE: No surprise there
by bubbayank on Tue 5th Sep 2006 01:07 in reply to "No surprise there"
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As with all Windows upgrades. You always come out with a better result if you start with a clean sheet.

Here, I fixed it for you. ;)

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